Cowslip (Primula veris L.)

barančiki, baraški, Zeitlose(gelbe), primerolle

Cowslip, one of the first harbinger of spring, came from China. It grows at meadows.

The leaves are egg-shaped, the reverse side have the hair, at the top of the handle is flowers (from 5 to 12), thay have dark yellow colors. Handles are 10-12 cm long.

Blooms in April and May.

Cowslip contains saponizid, primulaverin, vitamin C, carotene, saponin, calcium, potassium, sodium, bergamot oil, bitter substances, ciklamin ...

In folk medicine we used  cowslip to treat headaches, dizziness, sweating for, rheumatism, gout, insomnia, swelling and pain, heart palpitations, bronchitis, colds ...

Cowslip is toxic if we use it often, because it contains saponizid.  Take care when using!!!

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